January Intensive Training Workshop
Mon. January 14 - Sun. January 20, 2019

This week's Workshop will cover our entire Curriculum:

  • How to handle newborn infants

  • Communicating with children / Psychology & Development of Children

  • The ins and outs of Swim~Float~Swim and Swim~Roll~Swim

  • Transitioning from Swim~Roll~Swim to Advanced Stroke Technique with modified drills

  • Grade 6 - Pool Prodigies

  • Stroke Fundamentals

  • Running efficient Group Lessons

  • SIY - Swimming it Yourself!


Parent Taught/Infant Training Schedule


  • 8:00am Overview and Presentation Baby/Parent Tot

  • 9:30am Parent Tot Observation

  • 10:00am Assist Parent Tot Class

  • 10:30am Teach Parent Tot Class under Direction

  • 11:00am Teach Parent Tot Class as Coach Assists

  • 11:30am Teach Parent Tot

  • 12pm Independent

  • 12:30 Break

  • 1pm: 1 hour about babies (Monet for awhile)

  • Offer a free onesie for any student that we ask to come in the future.

Learn To Swim Training Schedule

Monday and Tuesday 

  • 7am Presentation for Learn To Swim

  • Monday-Friday*

  • 8am Practice Teach and Observe Fast Track Students

  • 10am Break

Stroke School Training


  • 10:30am Stroke School presentation

  • 12pm Break

  • 12:30pm Stroke lesson

  • Monday-Friday*

  • 1:30pm Practice Teach*

  • 3pm Observe and Practice Teach Precomp till 5:30pm


  • 8am Certification Test

  • 8:30am Coach Swim Team with Mentor assisting

  • 11am Finish Certification Test

*These are optional

*Friday is an optional practice day

Stroke School Intensive Workshop
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Learn to Swim Intensive Workshop
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